Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a very effective way of advertising your business online. It allows us to link your ads with nominated key words and phrases. When Google matches you to a search, your listing will appear above, below or to the side of the organic search results. You are only charged when someone clicks on your advert.

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PPC Strategy

A fully implemented PPC strategy is much more than simply a means of advertising. Market Harborough Web Designers will research your target markets and prepare an effective PPC strategy to fit your monthly budget that will offer a degree of persistence which often converts into contact.

PPC Rankings & Reporting

We produce regular statistical reports to keep your PPC campaign running in the most efficient and effective way possible in order to determine if any adjustments are needed.

Fully Flexible

Maximise your returns by running your ads at the times of day, month or year when potential customers conduct most of their searches. The PPC campaign gives you the flexibility and control to stop or re-start at any time. This is particularly useful when order books are full or staff are on holiday.


This is a sophisticated and highly effective way of increasing conversions from visitors on your site. The way it works is, if a visitor to your site comes via a PPC advert, the ad will follow them around the internet for a period of time – resulting in more return traffic to your website.